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Threat Management

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As small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) embrace new technological developments like the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and the internet of things (IoT), they often overlook the security implications of digital transformation. This leaves many organizations vulnerable to cyber theft, scams, extortion, and countless other cyber-crimes. As a result, two in three SMBs suffered a security breach in the last year and cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, targeted, and damaging. With the average cost per incident exceeding $380,000 as it is, a single security breach can be detrimental to a small firm. It is, therefore, vital that SMBs begin prioritizing cyber security. The following best practices can give your organization a head start in terms of both security and compliance.

The following tools are essential to maintaining the safest possible networked environment.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is crucial for organizations to ensure business continuity and minimize the impact of unforeseen events

  •  Minimizing Downtime

  • Protecting Data Assets

  • Ensuring Business Continuity

  • Reducing Financial Losses

  • Complying with Regulations

  • Preserving Reputation

  • Facilitating Insurance Claims




SentinelOne differs from traditional antivirus by offering

  • Rollback and storyline capabilities.

  • Behavioral AI Engine that detects anomalies on your endpoints.

  • Using VirusTotal to check through all engines for threats.

  • Block and remediate advanced attacks at machine speed with cross-platform, enterprise-scale data analytics.

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Vonahi vPenTest


A full-blown penetration test, whenever you need, however often you need.

Backed by 10+ years of experienced and OSCP, CISSP, CEH, and OSCE certified consultants.

  • Results reviewed by OSCP and OSCE certified consultants.

  • Vonahi goes beyond what Nessus and other commercially available testing tools can provide by actually testing the exploits.

  • Perform continuous testing, not just annually or periodically.

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​Using the motif Detect, Analyze, Respond and Report. Huntress is monitoring every workstation and every server through their 24/7 SOC.

The core technology behind Huntress is their use of MDR on

  • Persistent Footholds

  • Canary Files

  • External Recon

The Huntress Security Platform provides unparalleled visibility to organization threats.

See more at


N-Able DNS Filtering

Defend proactively against malicious advertising and the thousands of harmful websites created each day with N‑able™ DNS Filtering. Get stronger protection, greater network visibility, and user-based reporting.

  • Use AI and machine learning to recognize and block malicious websites in real time

  • DNS protection on a fast and reliable network


Backup & Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery.

    • Recover to Azure or on-premises or almost anywhere in an emergency.

  • No appliance to manage.

  • Native SQL Backup

  • Microsoft 365 backup including SharePoint, Teams and Exchange.

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Patch Management

A major risk to organizations stems from security flaws in operating
systems, applications, and hardware components that threat actors
can exploit to break into computer systems. A 2018 report showed
that unpatched vulnerabilities accounted for 57% of security breaches
affecting large organizations and this percentage is unlikely to be lower
for smaller firms

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