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A custom application may be what you need to eliminate inefficient processes and make day to day tasks easier. Custom development can include enhancing or modifying an existing open-source application or building a new application from the ground up.


Armour specializes in complex and non standard development tasks, so if you have an idea for a new application or a way to improve and existing one, we would love to hear about it.

Custom Development

Our Toolbox

Our Development Process

At Armour Technology Solutions, we employ an iterative approach to development and feel it is beneficial to engage our clients frequently throughout the duration of the project. This methodology provides opportunities for feature and function verification, discussion and a chance for clients to see the user interface and test usability.

Development Cycle

We have found with other projects that although the development process is still linear, a dynamic collaboration with our clients is a key point to the success of past projects. During the development cycle the project will progress through the Analysis, Development and Functional Testing phases multiple times before the project is complete.


Functional testing of the new system will be completed throughout the duration of the project. This is an effective way to verify that requirements are being met and that the project is on the appropriate trajectory. These testing points also provide opportunities for discussion about user interface, processes, and user experience that help us to develop a system that users will be comfortable using, therefore increasing adoption and productivity.


Training will consist of hands on user training and administrator training. A training strategy will be determined based on the needs determined by your company, staff and project.

Rollout and Deployment

Once training is complete, Armour Technology Solutions will facilitate rollout and deployment of your new system. Prior to deployment, we will complete User Acceptance Testing to ensure all of your requirements have been met. Depending on your needs and project, we may consider a phased in deployment, rolling out one department or function of the system at a time.

Ongoing Support

When any new system is implemented, it's natural for some users to be hesitant to adopt new processes and software and become frustrated. Armour offers various post deployment support packages to suit the needs of your staff. We understand that change can be difficult to manage and want to ensure we do everything we can to make your roll out a success and that your team is happy and excited about the new system. 

Interested in taking a peek inside our toolbox? We're happy to oblige! We are proud of the wide range of industry leading tools, platforms and services that our development team uses every day to make amazing things happen for our clients.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • SQL Server

  • VS Code

  • Microsoft Azure

  • NAV Object Designer

  • Microsoft Dev Ops

  • Microsoft Project

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • SSRS

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Planner

  • Microsoft Flow

  • Xamarin

  • IIS

  • .NET

  • .NET Framework

  • .NET Core

  • Docker

  • Jet Reports

  • Easy Security

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