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  • Kristen Holmes

8 Reasons to Consider a Custom NAV Portal

Updated: May 17, 2019

Are you…

  • Looking for a way to make business transactions more convenient for your customers?

  • Spending numerous hours manually processing invoices, customer inquiries, or payments?

  • Exploring ways to provide better service to your customers and create more sales opportunities?

Exceed customer expectations with an easy to implement customer portal that provides your customers with everything they need from account statements, processing payments and more – and have it all sync directly with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP.

1. Sales Orders are sent directly to Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This alone will save your staff processing and administrative time as all orders entered at the portal are synced Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Say goodbye to emailing invoices, processing cheques and other forms of payment and let your customer portal do the work for you!

2. The Customer Portal for NAV is open 24/7!

Your customers will enjoy the convenience and flexibility of paying an invoice, changing a service or creating a customer support case on their computer, phone or tablet when it is convenient for them. 24/7 service with a custom NAV portal also means that your customers will have the ability to browse your product offering and make purchases outside of normal business hours. This means increased sales opportunities in addition to providing the convenience of shopping when they prefer!

3. Customer Statements and historical customer data is up to date and available at any time.

Customers can view and print existing and past invoices, view reports, view usage of a service, compare service usage over a time period and more!

4. You will gain a clear understanding of your customers.

With usage analytics built in to your customer portal for NAV, you can collect information that let you know when customers are accessing the site and which products they are viewing. Get to know what interests your customers and  improve your follow up on these new sales opportunities!

5. A customer portal will drive web site traffic.

The addition of a customer portal for NAV is a very effective way to drive customers to your website. Customers will keep returning to your web site allowing you the opportunity to showcase the amazing products, services, or event services that you have to offer! Promotional components can also be incorporated to the portal itself, suggesting similar products based on customer selection.

6. Your cash flow will increase.

By accepting payment from your customer online, you get paid right away. Eliminate the entire invoice and bill payment process and watch your bottom line grow!

7. You can share information with your customers.

Any time on of your customers accesses your custom portal, you have an opportunity to provide or display information. Maybe you’re offering a new product or service, a new pricing package, or are hosting a event – whatever it may be, your portal provides another opportunity for you to let your customers know about it!

8. Your customers will be satisfied.

Adapting to your customer’s busy lifestyle by providing a custom portal that is easy to use and available 24/7 demonstrates that you care about your customers. Simply put, customers will love you for it!

Many Microsoft Dynamics NAV users have taken advantage of the ease of which a customer portal can be added to their system, providing convenience and saving time for both their staff and their customers. Contact Armour to learn more about how a customer portal for NAV can have an impact on your business today!

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